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Rev X Marine Adrenaline

The Solution For the Marine Industries Fuel Problems Has Arrived!

Adrenaline Marine Gasoline Additive is the cost effective solution the marine industry has been demanding for today’s Ethanol treated gasoline issues. Adrenaline Marine is a performance enhancing gasoline additive that increases all performance aspects of gasoline.  While it also eliminates all of the negative aspects of Ethanol treated gasoline up to an E20 rating. Properly blended with gasoline, Adrenaline Marine promotes increased efficiency of any gasoline used, resulting in a more powerful fuel that delivers increased power and torque, smoother-running engines and increased throttle response that you can really feel.


Increased Power and Performance is Great! But, not good enough!

Adrenaline Marine Gasoline Additive is the only gasoline additive that completely eliminates the problems created by Ethanol treated gasoline all the way up to E20 (20%). Adrenaline Marine eliminates the harmful effects of Ethanol treated gasoline by shielding the Alcohol molecules to eliminate any direct contact with soft metals and rubber components that would cause serious damage to fuel system components. It also improves lubrication to all rubber components, seals and O-rings to keep them in proper working order for years of trouble free service. Adrenaline Marine provides the strongest cleaning power of any gasoline additive available to rapidly dissolve gum or varnish deposits from fuel or engine related components. Gummed up carburetors, fuel injectors, and engine components can be properly cleaned and running like new within 1-2 tanks of fuel instead of the time consuming cleaning or expensive replacement of parts to achieve the same result.


Is That All it Does? No Way!

Today’s ethanol alcohol-enhanced gasoline has a very short storage life, to the point of being unusable within six months if left in an open or vented fuel tank. Adrenaline Marine safely extends the life of Ethanol enhanced gasoline to over a full year in a proper storage container or vented fuel tank.  So that when you are ready to use your boat, the fuel is fresh just like it was when you put it in storage.


Benefits of REV-X Adrenaline Marine Additive:

  • Safely Increases the Performance of all Pump Based Gasoline
  • Proven to Increase Engine Performance and Efficiency
  • Eliminates the Negative Aspects of Ethanol Alcohol Up To E20 (or 20%)
  • Promotes Smoother Running EnginesMarine Adrenaline Pic
  • Increases Throttle Response
  • Rapidly Dissolves Gum and Varnish Deposits in Fuel Systems for proper
  • Increases The Storage Life of Gasoline up to One Year
  • For Use In 2 and 4 Stroke Engines
  • Adrenaline/Marine Contains No Alcohol
  • Adrenaline Marine is OEM Warranty Secure
  • 8 oz. Treats 100 US Gallons of Gasoline